Monday, 20 June 2011

Glitter Shoes

OK, I'm so sorry for being the sh*test blogger ever! lol
I know I haven't been posting much recently and haven't been updating you with pictures. But its only because the weather is very miserable in London at the moment! :( It rains non-stop! I don't even get the chance to take any pictures :(

But the good news is that I'm going to Ukraine in one month exactly and then I will be posting new pictures practically every day! lol

For now, have a picture of my new glittery shoes. :) They are VERY uncomfortable to wear, but who cares? At least they look good :)


Saturday, 18 June 2011



Show Me Your Teeth!

OK, you can call me crazy, but recently I became very obsessed with "gaped" teeth! So obsessed, that I even thought about getting a gap done between my two front teeth by a dentist!!
My teeth are naturally straight, but I have a little chip from when I was younger, so I thought, they are not perfect now, so getting a little gap in the middle wouldn't ruin them lol.

This is what my teeth look like now

Lol, this picture looks so freaky!! :/

And this is how I want my teeth to look...

So, let me know what you, my lovely readers think. Should I get a gap, or should I not? :)


Friday, 17 June 2011

ha ha I and my friend


Last night I went cinema to see this new horror film that everyone is going on about..
I have to tell you, that was the scariest thing I have ever seen!!!!!
I usually love scary films and don't get scared too easily, but OMG, this was something else!! I was screaming all the way through!! haha
If you haven't seen in yet, go and watch!! I have to warn you, though, I might just poop your pants!! lol

Me and my friend were so scared after we came out the cinema, so we decided to clubbing, to take our mind of it lol!!

Really good night overall!


there is a "lie" in believe
"over" in lover
"end" in friend
"us" in trust
"ex" in next
and "if" in life...

I'm looking forward to the memories of right now.

They say the first love is the sweetest
But the first cut is the deepest

Haters don't really hate you...
They hate themselves cause you're a reflection
Of what they wish to be

There's a story behind every person.
There's a reason why they're the way they are.
Think about that before you judge someone.
-Wiz Khallifa

My mum used to say to me:
"You can't have fun all the time!"
And I used to say:
"Why not!?. Why the fuck can't I have fun all the time?
-Kate Moss

Everybody dies, but not everybody lives

Haters only hate people they can't have
or the people they can't be...

Thursday, 16 June 2011

                                                               my dad and sister :)

I've done some really basic shopping today, which included two polo shirts and a rubber watch :)
I will be going back to Berlin for maybe 4 weeks and then I'm gonna go to a proper holiday, somewhere in Spain or Portugal maybe..
Cant' wait! :) Relaxing by the pool all day, drinking alcohol, getting a nice tan, looking good! :)
First, I need to prepare myself though, with a lot of shopping and also dieting and exercising.
I also got a new job now, just wanna save up a bit before I go away :)

Ok, so these are the polo shirts I bought today...

Oh, and just for the record.. I'm ill AGAIN!
Don't know how I manage to stay ill all the way through spring time... :/ lol

Hope every one of you is great!

Night Time..

Lol, I don't think Kirstie was ready for the picture!

Couple of pictures from last night! I didn't drink that much alcohol, but had a really good time!! Surprising, aye! :)


Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Oh, Johnny...

Well, what can I say?
I don't think there's another human being on this planet that would be as cool, as talented and as good looking as Johnny Depp..!
He is fucking amazing, I'm not joking!!!!! Usually I'm not too fused about celebrities (of course I enjoy looking at them etc, but I never get really exited) but with Johnny it was totally different!!!! My heart was beating about million times a minute when he approached us! (Of course it's nothing compare to what was happening to other people. Lots of them were crying their eyes out! lol) He was so good looking, oh my lord!!! :) Just perfect... even the way he spoke, so chilled out, so cool lol! :)

Also Penelope Cruz was there, who is very gorgeous too. She's so tiny! :)
And all of the cast from Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Including captain Barbossa :) lol
Adriana from 90210 was there, Gok Wang, McFly, and lots of others...

But, of course, Johnny is the only one I could think about or look at....
Well, check out for yourself...

I also made a video report lol. The whole video is long to watch, because you can't really hear what he's saying, but make sure to skip right to the middle, to see all of the cast, including Penelope.
Oh and also there is a moment, where he's talking and some one shouts "Johnny!" and he was like "How you doing?" lol I think that was overly adorable!
OK, and now I'm gonna stop typing, because I sound like an obsessed fan!
And after I typed that little bit above, blogger said to me that it can't upload my video!!! daaaamn :(
Well, I'll try again later, maybe it's something to do with their crush earlier on...

And, of course, a couple of pictures of me. (Not that any one cares, after seeing Johnny lol)


Tuesday, 14 June 2011

At the moment I'm in a really good place. Everything is going well at work, with friends and family, also my parents are buying a new house, so another thing to be happy about.
Also, tomorrow I am going to another film premier to see the love of my life, Mr. Johnny Depp! :) He is such a legend, it's unbelievable! :)

Well, at work I had some time to think about what to wear tomorrow lool :) English weather is being it's typical self, so it's cold tomorrow, down to +17 :/
I really wanted to wear some leather shorts, but had to go for jeans.. oh well.. it's only clothes, right? :/ lol

Knowing me, I will probably change my mind million times lol

Hope all of you are well and sorry for being so shit at blogging lol.
I'm always in such a rush and have too many thoughts in my head, my fingers are just not able to type them that fast, so my posts are kind of crap lol.


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Please Stop Raining!

For the last week or so, the only thing I see outside my window is rain... It's rain day and nigh non-stop!
I mean c'mon, it's SUMMER!! But then again, it is also England! :/ lol
Our spring was much warmer than our summer! :(
This weather reminds me once again how much I want to go on holidays!! :) Just over a month left now! :)

Strawberries and Pirates!

So, today my family went to the farm, to pick some strawberries! :)
Unfortunately, I couldnt come with them, as I was sleeping lol and then I was working out.
They came back with a HUGE basket of strawberries. And they were so nice, so different from the once you buy in the shops! They smelt like real strawberries, looked like real strawberries and tasted like real strawberries! Reminds me of the time, when I used to pick them in my grandma's garden :)
Now, I'll enjoy them with whipped chream! :)

Later tonight I'm going to see Pirates of the Caribbean. I've been to the film premier couple of weeks ago, to see Johnny, but I haven't had the chance to see an actual movie yet, so tonight is the night! lol


Sunday, 5 June 2011


Well, that's what you call a bad burn!!
We might not live in Spain, but we sure do get burnt just as bad! lol.
I just really hope, that it won't pill and will turn nice and brown colour soon! :)

Saturday, 4 June 2011


What an amazing day we had today at Derby! :)
As per usual everyone was drinking and having lots of fun, sunbathing!
I've seen absolutely every single person I've ever know, including all of my ex-boyfriends lol!
I also got burnt REALLY badly!!
Because my shirt had no back, I burnt it badly and also my shoulders, however my chest is fine :S.. it really hurts!! :( lol

We had a cool day today, however the fun doesn't stop there, as we are all going going clubbing later tonight!
So I'm gonna go and get ready now, so ill speak to u later