Sunday, 27 March 2011

As I said before, we went for a dinner tonight :)
Above are some pictures that i took in my bedroom lol. My mum said I look like a school girl!! lool
Ooooh, so full now! We went to Japanese restaurant tonight, I had some sushi, so it's not too bad for my diet.

Also, The Only Way Is Essex is on tonight!!!! Woooo :)

Quick Summary

My weekend is going really well :)
On Friday I went clubbing and got way too drunk! I mean like I was absolutely out of it!! :P
Had a REALLY good night :) I'll upload some pictures later :)
Yesterday I had a really bad hangover nearly all day. You know what it's like, head ache, tummy ache, dizziness, I've had the whole package! :( It seems, the older you get, the worst your hangover gets :( lol

So yeh, went cinema, to watch this film called Limitless. I definitely recommend it! Go and watch it! You'll wish you had that pill! lol

These are some of the pictures from yesterday.

Today I'm just relaxing at home at the minute. Just thinking about getting ready, and then going to a restaurant with my family.
Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sorry, picture quality is awful, I've taken them on web cam, because I can't find my camera :/
So basically, I bought this beautiful feather earring, it's so pretty, it's like baby pink colour, but I have no idea where I'm gonna wear it :/ lol. hmmm
Also bought this cute swallow ring. I know swallow theme is so popular these days, especially tattoos, and I hate that, but I just couldn't resist this ring lol.

All in all, my day was good.
I booked an appointment to cut my hair tomorrow!! :O It's such a shocker, actually, because I haven't cut my hair in about two years!! :O I just don't trust hair dressers lol. They always say they gonna cut off a tiny bit, and then you look in the mirror and think WHERE IS MY HAIR GONE??? :) So yeh, I hope tomorrow will go well and my hair will stay in place :P

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Went Brighton today :)
Of course it was too cold to swim in the sea, but still, I had a lovely day, and I think it's much better than just staying at home..

I know, I'm on a diet, but I just couldn't resist fish & chips! :) and a sip of lager :) Love it! :)

Sea was really weird today... We came at the time of outflow or whatever you call it. So the sea was MILES away from the coast. Still it was really nice to just walk around and breath fresh air.
 So yeh, now I'm just at home, soo tired :(
Gonna watch THE ONLY WAY IS ESSEX! Woohoo!! Brand new series start tonight!! :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011


Very sunny day today!
Went to the park, had a lunch at cafe by the river. Now back at home, gonna get ready and go to the gym!

Friday, 18 March 2011


I CANNOT wait till summer!! :)))
I know spring has, basically, just began, but i want SUMMERRRRR!! :)
Tan, beach, sun, cocktails, party non stop... list goes on :)


Don't worry! No one's been torturing me lol. It's a result of my pole dancing lessons!! I have to admit, it looks really worrying! :/ I had bruises similar to this from my first lesson too, back then it seemed fine, I though IF I BRUISE, IT MEANS IT'S WORKING! But now I'm a bit pissed off about this bruising! How the hell am I gonna wear skirts or shorts? Looks freaking scary :( :(

I hope bruises will go away soon and I wont get any more during practice... :/ :/ :/

Thursday, 17 March 2011


My new shoes.
I like them, but I have to say, this is my last pair of wedges this year! :) I have too many already, need to start buying something different now.

Pray For Japan

Recent events in Japan have, obviously, been very upsetting and disturbing. They very close to my heart, because one of my best friends is from Japan, and all her friends and some of her family, including her brother (who I'm very close to) are out there. Thank God earthquake didn't hit their city, but still all of what's going on is making them really upset.

Last night me and my mum donated £10 each to the charity that helps in Japan. I know that £20 is not a lot, but can you imagine if everyone donated even £1, charity could raise millions. Of course, many people think that it's not their problem and why should they try and help? The truth is, situation in Japan is very serious and it's very likely that this problem will go global! :(

Is it hard to believe in the end of the world in 2012 after all this? No, it's not! :(