Thursday, 24 February 2011

Justin Beiber Night

Last night I met up with Lena. We went to the cinema to watch Just Go With It, but on the last minute we changed our mind and went to see Justin Beiber: Never Say Never 3D :P Wow, such a good film! We also got drunk, so it made the film look even better! :D
I've never been a fan of Justin Beiber, but after last night, I have to admit, I love him! :) :) He's super cute! :P
We wanted to buy tickets today to go and see him in concert, but unfortunately all the good seats sold out :/
Overall we had a really good night, had many laughs :) Here are some pictures:

Hmmm :) As usual, I'm on my diet, trying to lose some weight. Today I've been only eating rice cakes, which is really good :) I'll see how long this is gonna last.

Wanna get another tattoo! :)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Hair Do

Just thought, I'll quickly show you my hair for today :)
I've decided to experiment with my hair, and today I'm wearing this cute hair bow :)

Excuse me for taking a picture in my bra lol :)
That's me for the day :)

Speak to you later

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Days of Ordinary People

Ordinary days of ordinary people.
Haven't done anything super exciting those past few days. Just been doing a bit of shopping as usual :)
Watched The Social Network again... Such a cool film ;)

Yesterday went out with my friend, as she wanted to get a tattoo. She's under age so it was kind of tricky. Funnies story happened to us. We went to this really good place and the guy said YEH OK, I'LL DO IT. YOU NEED TO PAY £20 DEPOSIT AND PAY THE REST WHEN YOU COME BACK AT FIVE. So we were really happy, thinking that he's gonna do it, he didn't ask her for ID and obviously we thought that he's not gonna ask for it when we come back either. This was at about half one. So we were just walking around, had lunch, done some shopping. It was nearly five, so we headed back. We walk in.... There are two SUPER fit, good looking guys in there! :) I though OOHHH YEEH!! :) So we sit down, all looking cool.... This other tattoo artist comes up to us:
( embarrassing! looool...)
Obviously Lena didn't have ID with her, because she doesn't have one at all!!! :P
At this point I was thinking SHIT! Lena said to him: OH, NO I DIDN'T BRING IT WITH ME :/ So we pretended that we are going to come back on Tuesday and re-reschedule Lena's appointment. It was so embarrassing, but when we got out of there I felt a bit better :P But then i suddenly realised that Lena didn't take her deposit back!! OMG... even more embarrassing.. Lena had to go back and lie to them again, say that she has work and can't come... etc etc :P And all this in front of these two really good looking guys!! :P
We had a really good laugh about it though :)
She did get her tattoo done in the end! Looks really good. She got "Trust" in Ukrainian! :)

I've also been spending a lot of time with my sister as usual :) She's so cute!! I actually think I love her more that ANYONE! :) Of course, I love my youngest sister too, but she's just a baby still and there's not much I can do with her, where as with Erika I can play, we can talk, I always dress her up and do her hair and make-up :)
Also bought a pair of shorts today :) I just can't stop shopping for spring/summer clothes! I looovee warm weather!!! :)
Tonight I'll be watching TV, as tonight is Tuesday and all the best programs are on :)
Tomorrow I have a job interview and a chance to do more shopping :)
Speak to you later, hope everyone has a good week :)

Friday, 18 February 2011

These Days...

I'm getting soooo bored of my life for some reason. Its so monotone! Everything I do seems to be done already... :/
Spring is so soon, but I'm not even excited any more for some reason :/... I've been a proper stressy cow lately.. Having a go at everyone :/ ... Ah well, I dont know, hopefully this mood will change soon :)

Other than being miserable, I've also been doing some shopping! :) wooooo :)
I've bought some clothes, including this lovely long skirt....

I bought some other things too, like this boyfriend jacket, some shoes and a jumper, but I just cant be bothered to take pictures of it lol.
I also treated myself to some Clinique make-up! :) My favourite! :)

Past couple of days, as I said already, have been boring. I have been arguing with my parents! I think it's coming to that time, when you can only love them and get on with them, when you live 75271975018735 miles away from them!

One good thing though, I received more flowers this week :) Another reminder that spring is coming sooner that I think! ... Happy times! :)

So tonight, I'm gonna stay on the phone to my mates, and see what has everyone been doing. Later I'll watch a film and go to bed. :)

Another boring day will be over!