Friday, 29 April 2011

Happiest Day of Britain!

" At precisely 11.20 today Prince William and Kate Middleton were pronounced husband and wife in a ceremony watched by two billion people worldwide.
As the couple were married, a huge cheer erupted across London. One million spectators lined the procession route from the Abbey to Buckingham Palace or watched on giant screens in Trafalgar Square and Hyde Park.
Millions more held street parties across the country and on TV, making it a record global audience.

William, in the red tunic of the Irish Guards, and Harry, in the navy of the Blues and Royals, arrived at 10.20 am, saluting the officers lining the route during the journey. Spectators outside at Clarence House chanted "We want Will, We want Will" moments before the Bentley emerged. Miss Middleton set off with her father Michael from Goring Hotel at 10.51am. The 1978 Rolls-Royce had been fitted with a glass rear roof to allow the crowds to see her dress.

And the bride war McQueen. From the first glimpse of antique lace as she entered the car, we knew we were in the presence of a wedding dress that wouldn't disappoint. And it didn't. managing to be both understated and elegant, a peerless blend of tradition and modernity."

These are just little bits from a newspaper, that I picked up from a shop on the way home. I still can't stop thinking about the wedding. It was absolutely magical! I have to admit, that while watching the ceremony on TV I cried several times!
I am so charmed by this whole atmosphere. Everyone looked incredibly beautiful, all the guests, not to mention the bride, and of course, the handsome groom!

William and Kate are truly the perfect couple, who set example of elegance and romance, example of a modern fairytale!

This day, is definitely one of the biggest days of new history of England.

I'm speechless... absolutely amazing, breathtaking! Makes me feel so proud of British!

Best of luck and many happy years to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, King and Queen of England to be.

Monday, 18 April 2011


Its cold in England again and raining non-stop!! :(
But the weather doesn't stop me from thinking about HOT summer, and I still wear shorts and put on bright lipstick!
Roll on HOT holidays away! :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Another super hot day! Weather people said it's +22 today, but I'm sure it was all +25 in the sun!
I spent first half of the day with my family. Went shopping with my mum and sisters, then we cooked lunch at home.
After that usual dancing lesson and a dinner out with Sally :)

For the first half of the day I decided to risk it and wear shorts!!! woo SHORTS!!!! FINALLY! :) Even though it was very hot, I felt weird going out without a coat :/ lol. So I just threw on my summer jacket. (Of course I didnt really need it, so ended up just carrying it around with me)

Amazing weather! Hope it stays like this now!]

Lol, my little sister makes me laugh! :) She's such a poser! Lool her face is so funny in a second picture, the sun was shining so bright, she kept saying "Olia, hurry up, sun is tickling my face" lol aww :)

P.S. picture quality is so bad on blogspot for some reason :(

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wardrobe Malfunction!

+22C today! Can you imagine that? Finally!! :)
On the first very hot day of this spring I couldn't even look good, because had no time to get ready before going out. I, literally, had 15 minutes to do my make-up, hair and get dressed. So that's why I look like a shit bag and that's why I'm wearing black jeans!!! :O
I mean... +22, black jeans?? What the hell was I thinking? lol

Anyway... despite the fact that I looked like a tramp, it was a really good day. You know what it's like, sitting in the park, enjoying the sun and the sushi :) Ooooh my babies, my sushi! :) Haven't had them in so long, I missed the taste :)

Tomorrow weather is suppose to be just as good, so maybe tomorrow I'll dress up properly and have a lovely sunny day, looking like a decent human being! :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

Weekend Came Twice!

True friends always stay true! No matter how long you haven't seen them, you can always have a great time together!
As I have mentioned before, I went out on Friday clubbing and it was a really crazy night! I needed two days to get over my hangover! :P So by Sunday I was feeling better..

On Monday Jennifer rang me. I haven't seen her for a couple of months now! A long time... So to make up for it, we decided to go to the pub on Tuesday for a couple of glasses of wine. Nothing major, just a drink, a chat and then go home...

So that's exactly what we done... We had two bottles of Rose to share. :O :P ... It was about 11 o'clock on a Tuesday night, but we suddenly decided that we wanna go clubbing!!! :)
So..... We went to some random bar and got ANOTHER bottle or Rose!!! So in total we had 3 bottles of Rose for both of us. As you can imagine, by 12 o'clock we were absolutely smashed! haha :)
We went clubbing, stayed there for a couple of hours....
Basically, I'm not going to go into details, because they are a bit embarrassing lol :) But in the end we got home at 5 in the morning, both absolutely drunk... and we crashed at my house and slept till 1pm!!!

And the next morning we went for a full English breakfast and a little bit of shopping with Erika :P
We decided that 24 hours together wasn't enough, so Jennifer stayed around my house for another night! :)
We watched films, relaxed and just talked all night.
This tomorrow we're going clubbing together again, going to be another messy one! :)
Not sure what to wear, though. I've bought two new dresses one electric blue and other one beige with brown polka dot. So tomorrow, I will probably spend most of my day deciding what to wear etc. :)

So as I have said before, this week, I had weekend twice lol :)
Once from Friday to Sunday and second time from Tuesday to Thursday! :)

Tonight is Friday and I'm just going cinema with my step dad :)