Thursday, 7 April 2011

Another super hot day! Weather people said it's +22 today, but I'm sure it was all +25 in the sun!
I spent first half of the day with my family. Went shopping with my mum and sisters, then we cooked lunch at home.
After that usual dancing lesson and a dinner out with Sally :)

For the first half of the day I decided to risk it and wear shorts!!! woo SHORTS!!!! FINALLY! :) Even though it was very hot, I felt weird going out without a coat :/ lol. So I just threw on my summer jacket. (Of course I didnt really need it, so ended up just carrying it around with me)

Amazing weather! Hope it stays like this now!]

Lol, my little sister makes me laugh! :) She's such a poser! Lool her face is so funny in a second picture, the sun was shining so bright, she kept saying "Olia, hurry up, sun is tickling my face" lol aww :)

P.S. picture quality is so bad on blogspot for some reason :(

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