Thursday, 24 February 2011

Justin Beiber Night

Last night I met up with Lena. We went to the cinema to watch Just Go With It, but on the last minute we changed our mind and went to see Justin Beiber: Never Say Never 3D :P Wow, such a good film! We also got drunk, so it made the film look even better! :D
I've never been a fan of Justin Beiber, but after last night, I have to admit, I love him! :) :) He's super cute! :P
We wanted to buy tickets today to go and see him in concert, but unfortunately all the good seats sold out :/
Overall we had a really good night, had many laughs :) Here are some pictures:

Hmmm :) As usual, I'm on my diet, trying to lose some weight. Today I've been only eating rice cakes, which is really good :) I'll see how long this is gonna last.

Wanna get another tattoo! :)

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