Friday, 18 February 2011

These Days...

I'm getting soooo bored of my life for some reason. Its so monotone! Everything I do seems to be done already... :/
Spring is so soon, but I'm not even excited any more for some reason :/... I've been a proper stressy cow lately.. Having a go at everyone :/ ... Ah well, I dont know, hopefully this mood will change soon :)

Other than being miserable, I've also been doing some shopping! :) wooooo :)
I've bought some clothes, including this lovely long skirt....

I bought some other things too, like this boyfriend jacket, some shoes and a jumper, but I just cant be bothered to take pictures of it lol.
I also treated myself to some Clinique make-up! :) My favourite! :)

Past couple of days, as I said already, have been boring. I have been arguing with my parents! I think it's coming to that time, when you can only love them and get on with them, when you live 75271975018735 miles away from them!

One good thing though, I received more flowers this week :) Another reminder that spring is coming sooner that I think! ... Happy times! :)

So tonight, I'm gonna stay on the phone to my mates, and see what has everyone been doing. Later I'll watch a film and go to bed. :)

Another boring day will be over!    

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