Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Sorry, picture quality is awful, I've taken them on web cam, because I can't find my camera :/
So basically, I bought this beautiful feather earring, it's so pretty, it's like baby pink colour, but I have no idea where I'm gonna wear it :/ lol. hmmm
Also bought this cute swallow ring. I know swallow theme is so popular these days, especially tattoos, and I hate that, but I just couldn't resist this ring lol.

All in all, my day was good.
I booked an appointment to cut my hair tomorrow!! :O It's such a shocker, actually, because I haven't cut my hair in about two years!! :O I just don't trust hair dressers lol. They always say they gonna cut off a tiny bit, and then you look in the mirror and think WHERE IS MY HAIR GONE??? :) So yeh, I hope tomorrow will go well and my hair will stay in place :P

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