Tuesday, 14 June 2011

At the moment I'm in a really good place. Everything is going well at work, with friends and family, also my parents are buying a new house, so another thing to be happy about.
Also, tomorrow I am going to another film premier to see the love of my life, Mr. Johnny Depp! :) He is such a legend, it's unbelievable! :)

Well, at work I had some time to think about what to wear tomorrow lool :) English weather is being it's typical self, so it's cold tomorrow, down to +17 :/
I really wanted to wear some leather shorts, but had to go for jeans.. oh well.. it's only clothes, right? :/ lol

Knowing me, I will probably change my mind million times lol

Hope all of you are well and sorry for being so shit at blogging lol.
I'm always in such a rush and have too many thoughts in my head, my fingers are just not able to type them that fast, so my posts are kind of crap lol.


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