Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Oh, Johnny...

Well, what can I say?
I don't think there's another human being on this planet that would be as cool, as talented and as good looking as Johnny Depp..!
He is fucking amazing, I'm not joking!!!!! Usually I'm not too fused about celebrities (of course I enjoy looking at them etc, but I never get really exited) but with Johnny it was totally different!!!! My heart was beating about million times a minute when he approached us! (Of course it's nothing compare to what was happening to other people. Lots of them were crying their eyes out! lol) He was so good looking, oh my lord!!! :) Just perfect... even the way he spoke, so chilled out, so cool lol! :)

Also Penelope Cruz was there, who is very gorgeous too. She's so tiny! :)
And all of the cast from Pirates of the Caribbean 4. Including captain Barbossa :) lol
Adriana from 90210 was there, Gok Wang, McFly, and lots of others...

But, of course, Johnny is the only one I could think about or look at....
Well, check out for yourself...

I also made a video report lol. The whole video is long to watch, because you can't really hear what he's saying, but make sure to skip right to the middle, to see all of the cast, including Penelope.
Oh and also there is a moment, where he's talking and some one shouts "Johnny!" and he was like "How you doing?" lol I think that was overly adorable!
OK, and now I'm gonna stop typing, because I sound like an obsessed fan!
And after I typed that little bit above, blogger said to me that it can't upload my video!!! daaaamn :(
Well, I'll try again later, maybe it's something to do with their crush earlier on...

And, of course, a couple of pictures of me. (Not that any one cares, after seeing Johnny lol)


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  1. You look so beautiful !: )

    All the best !:)

    xoxo A.